Public Relations Vice President

Department: Cutline Communications
Location: San Francisco, CA

The Vice President (VP) has a strong leadership presence at Cutline and helps the broader senior team set a positive tone for the agency. They take initiative to build a positive office environment and they are expected to contribute to operational efforts that will help grow the agency. Additionally, s/he is responsible for overseeing one operational area of the agency, working closely with the partner team. The VP plays a key role in agency operations, staff development, and new business; ensures exceptional client service across all accounts and teams under his/her purview; has strong established relationships with top-tier media; understands how PR, creative and marketing align with sales and business goals, and pushes agency teams to think about new and/or different opportunities. S/he has built a professional network in his/her area of expertise. And, like all Cutliners, s/he has an insatiable curiosity and interest in technology and business, social media, and all things PR.


The VP is an integral part of the management team. S/he has the mentality that a team will always deliver better results than individuals working in silos, and inspires others to work effectively toward common, positive goals. The VP has a solid pulse on the morale of the office(s) and proactively comes up with new ideas that contribute to the culture of the agency.



People development is a critical element of our success as an agency and the VP plays an important role in this process. S/he is emotionally intelligent, offers balanced guidance and mentorship to team members, and communicates about difficult topics in a diplomatic and respectful way. The VP is also able to provide direct, constructive feedback in an empathetic manner, while exerting an assertive approach when necessary.



Clients are at the core of everything we do. The VP plays a critical role with clients and with his/her account teams. S/he is committed to delivering exceptional results for the client, but also clearly understands how to maximize both the challenges and opportunities they face. S/he is seen as a trusted and respected strategic counselor that the client can tap into on any given day for help with any issue or challenge. The VP works closely with his/her team leads to ensure the team is delivering results and doing so within budget. The VP also brings in partner leads when and where appropriate. S/he has a strong media network to tap into for accounts across the agency and s/he contributes in a meaningful way to ideation and brainstorms for accounts not under his/her purview.



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